by Hellbent

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released November 24, 2014

music by matt and lyrics by phill

recorded and mixed by nick ginn
at school house studios

mastered by dan randall
at mammoth studios

artwork by @dylanzdrobovart



all rights reserved


Hellbent Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Vagabond
For all our actions speak louder than our words
A simple gesture can create a thousand words
The art of knowing what is wrong and what it right
Can be the catalyst to whether or not I sleep tonight

I can't see where I'm going I can't see anything
In front of everyone I make my fuckin' plea
For I am begging on my fuckin' knees

I'm lonely, so lonely
Track Name: Cult Following
He taught me wrong from right
From darkness to the light
I owe him everything
Purge into the night

I will show you those who've suffered
From a man to a monster
I will show you all of those who have suffered
And a life you can conquer

Chanting in the dark
Sacrificing lives
Doing wrong from right
Purge into the night

What have I done?
Who have I damned?
I have nothing but questions about the man that I am
It's a long hard road from the bottom to the top
And at the rate I'm going, it's not going to stop
Track Name: The Worm's Turn
The early bird gets the worm
But this time it's the worm's turn
This time the worm doesn't care
He sits and waits 'cause the bird isn't there

The worm's feeling relieved and alive
Thinking today that he's going to die

Turns out that the bird was late
But it wasn't time to celebrate
A different bird appeared this time
Much smaller then the other kind

Just then the worm turned over
As he crawled upon the birds shoulders
He wrapped around his neck, then gripped
He could feel his breathing starting to slip
Just then the bird collapsed
As the worm just laughed
This time it was the worm's turn
Track Name: Isolation
Coldhearted from the dedication
Fed up with the frustration
This ain't no damn vacation
Been out here for a generation
On my own

Can you take me to a better time?
No bells, no hooks, no chimes

27 Years of my life (have been grey)

They call me the forest man
Because I've lived here upon this land
for 27 years of my life
I wish it didn't have to end tonight