by Hellbent

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music by matt and lyrics by phill

recorded and mixed by nick ginn
at school house studios

mastered by dan randall
at mammoth studios

artwork by @dylanzdrobovart
arrangement by jordan versluis


released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Hellbent Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: King
There's a creature far from here who lives a certain life
Not the life that certain creature had in mind
He's independent and stupendous and he just gets by
By going to the market and eating fish alive

Lala the king
So much joy he brings

He roams the streets on everyday looking to cool off
He'll eat his fish alive and raw but never with a sauce
A tuxedo is the standard for this vagabond
You can catch him having fun in a local pool or a pond

The lonely drifter can only bring us so much love
Track Name: Unspoken
In a town far away from here nobody gets any sleep
They fear of a lurking shadow underneath there sheets

The one they call the faceless one keeps them awake at night
Spending every waking moment in terror and in freight

Wake up now and please don't fall asleep
He can hear you talking so don't make a peep
He'll lock you up and throw away the key
And leave you living in pure misery

He'll bring you into the depths
Forever unspoken

Wake up! Don't fall asleep on me
Delusions, all I have are delusions

He'll bring you into the depths
Forever unspoken
He won't kill you if he gets you
Forever I'm woken

Fuck the faceless one
Track Name: Harambe
This is the year of the social justice keyboard fuckin' warrior
As far as I'm concerned all forms of entertainment are either struggling to survive or have died within the last year. A black cloud hangs above us all

The death of an art
The art of the death

No longer will we go expressing our emotions or opinions in fear of being exiled by others who hide behind their devices
Be thoughtful of others but please tip top across your sentences as if you were barefoot in a room full of broken glass

The great depression
Is an obsession
The great oppression
Is an impression
And all the laughter in the entire world couldn't heal the damage that it's done
Track Name: Groundhog's Day
From the middle-class
To the lower lives

Tell me how I'm wrong
Listen to the message that is buried in the song
Running out of time
Listen to the message that is buried in your mind
Make amends do it with a smile
Swallow all your regret and forget about denial

It's all repetition
There's no constitution
It's all repetition

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy for goodness sake

It's all repetition
There's no constitution
It's all just repetition

Repetition (Groundhog day)